Our goal is to share our passion for the outdoors. The owners and employees of CB SUP are all stand up paddlers and general outdoor enthusiasts. We bring our first-hand knowledge about the sport, equipment and local water access to you in a welcoming and friendly environment.

CB SUP was created out of a passion for being on the water. Courtney Burton was born and raised in Ocean City, Maryland, right near the beach. After meeting her husband, Braden Burton, the two decided to chase some adventure and relocate to Crested Butte for a winter. After a few years in the mountains, it was clear Courtney missed being close to the ocean. With a love of everything warm and water sports related and a desire to live in this beautiful mountain town, CB SUP was born to make it easier for people to find their beach in this high mountain paradise. We are constantly working on spreading our conscious business efforts accross the country and globe to be able to help more people enjoy the outdoors.