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May 6th-12th, Emerald coast, nicarugua

Wake up to your life!

Why Nicaragua?  

Nature, uninterrupted. Almost ⅕ of Nicaragua is protected in national parks or reserves. That means less people. With fresh, sustainably harvested foods, eco tourism meet luxury on our Nicaragua Expedition  Come travel under the radar with the Burton’s to one of the most compelling destinations of your lifetime.

Why the Emerald Coast?

Haven't heard of this place yet? Shhhhh   Most people haven’t. It’s low-key, slow-moving, untouched, and to many considered the Costa Rica of 30 years ago.

Why Aqua?

Situated in a lush tropical forest setting on a private beach, Aqua has the best of Nicaragua all on a secluded environmentally responsible resort. Lounge on your private deck or take a soak in a plunge pool while watching the sun dip into the Pacific. Perched high in your tree house or luxury suite, enjoy views of the ocean and the green forested hills, you are truly immersed in nature. Aqua IS eco tourism and luxury all in one. 

Why an expedition?

ex·pe·di·tion     ekspəˈdiSH(ə)n/


  1. a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration

At CB SUP, we don't want you to feel like you need to escape your life, but like you want to LIVE it! Let's truly EXPLORE all Nicaragua has to offer, and give back as a group, looking to not only enhance our lives, but others. This is a trip of a lifetime.  

Who is this for?

This trip is designed for YOU. If you are reading this, you are the kind of person that expects more from themselves and life. It’s an adventure for those that want to break the mold, and go on a trip that will have their Instagram feeds blowing up and friends jealous for months. It's for those that like to travel a little bit differently, that enjoy experiencing new cultures without sacrificing luxury. Those that want to leave a legacy that is to be remembered.

Welcome to Adventure

Adventure meets luxury

Enjoy waking up in your private treehouse villa at Aqua Wellness Resort hand crafted by locals into the tree top canopy. Take a plunge in your private pool or rinse off in your secluded outdoor Balinese shower. Take your time meandering toward the private beach along a lava stone path surrounded by howler monkeys, butterflies, and tree frogs.

Begin every morning listening to the ocean waves with the sun on your face. Then it's off to a new adventure and discovery. Learn to Stand Up Paddle on the tranquil clear waters, hike into the lush tropical forests and be astounded by the biodiversity in the animal and plant life, ride the waves in Playa Gigante, and give back to the local community during this soul awakening experience. 

Sleep soundly to the music of the ocean after a day of new experiences, laughter,  healthy meals, and a renewed sense of purpose. Enjoy 7 days and 6 nights immersed in this untouched, unspoiled, and the truly unique Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. Join us, your journey starts here! 

what's included


  • 6 nights accommodations at Aqua Resort and Spa, choose from an Eco Tree House or Luxury Villas (prices vary)
  • 3 organic meals daily, coffee, and tea (vegan, vegetarian options available)
  • Daily Yoga 
  • Intro to SUP lesson
  • Fishing Excursion 
  • Beach Bootcamp workouts with Courtney Burton
  • All in-country transportation including to and from Airport
  • Guided Paddle Board tour
  • Daily Adventures and Surprises
  •  All Paddle Board, snorkel, kayak equipment 
  • Guided Hike
  • Community Outreach and Beach Clean up with the kids of the Astillero Surf Club (CB SUP contributes to the education and adventures of the children in this community)

A Typical Day:

Wake up to the sounds of nature. Enjoy coffee, tea, and fruit.

Enjoy some stretching and light yoga practice before we head out to the water for SUP.

Organic, locally sourced Breakfast and Fresh Squeezed Juices. Relax on the Beach, take a nap in a hammock, or hike around the property. Enjoy yourself.

Choose to have lunch relaxing on the beach or take the short walk to town to mingle with the locals.

Afternoon Adventure! Whether it's a Fishing Trip like you've never experienced (we guarantee it), Guided Hike, Beach Bootcamp Class, or Beach Clean Up with the local Surf Club, there will be an *optional adventure (but highly encouraged) every afternoon.

Dinner and a Sunset. A healthy, organic meal will be prepared while we relax and enjoy the sunset and reflect on our day. 

*Be prepared for unexpected surprises and excursions. You are with the burton's, anything can happen!


Choose your own Adventure in Paradise! If you don't have a buddy to join you, you may be placed with another guest in a room. Rooms are all first come first serve based on availability. 

Treehouse Double: $1997 p/p

Treehouse Single: $2697 p/p

Luxury Suite Triple: $2177 p/p

Luxury Suite Double: $2475 p/p

Luxury Suite Single: $3377


*$500 Deposit required to secure your room

about us


Courtney Burton


is a fun loving, adventure seeking, camper living wild woman! She is passionate about travel, health, and coaching others to live their best lives. She is a top online Health and Wellness Coach, Level 2 Crossfit Coach, ACE certified personal trainer, Paddlefit CORE Coach, and graduate from the College of Charleston. Courtney is a Maryland native that now calls Crested Butte, Colorado home when she's not travelling around the world with her husband and two dogs.



Braden Burton

is a Entrepreneur and adventure master. Growing up in adventure sports; skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and motorcycling. He has won skate contests, won motocross races, snowboarded extreme terrain, and enjoys anything that will get the adrenaline going. He has a mechanical way of thinking and is always striving to make things better and more accessible. Embracing uncertainty and new adventures, Braden hopes to elevate others to do more in their lifetime while increasing their impact on others.


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